Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sugar Beet Greens

In an effort to make feeding myself and our family interesting I periodically try a new tactic to breathe life into the process.  Get myself out of a rut.  Most recently I decided to pick a food product (vegtable, fruit, meat, something else edible) that I don't use much or have never eaten and use it throughout the week (or at least once).  And try to persuade my children to eat it.  Sadly we often resort to highlighting either the sweetness, saltiness, or otherworldly princessy-ness of an item, hoping that will hook 'em.  Like "candy squash," which is acorn squash with brown sugar, or "fairy fruit," which is grapefruit.  It's goof goof goofy and we sound crazy doing it, especially when one of our kids asks for "fairy fruit," or "wiper cheese," (yellow chedder cheese, don't remember the significance of the "wiper" bit, and don't especially want to) at a friend's house. 

Moving on to my choice for this week: beets.  I wanted to eat the rest of the beets I roasted last night, and use the greens.  I ended up wilting them in a saute pan with some garlic and onion using this recipe.

Then I added the roasted beets right into the pan and sauted them and also included two peeled clementines.  It was pretty good! 

The best part was when Tess asked for some "cookies" and we realized she meant the beets.  We didn't disabuse her of the idea that they were cookies and she ate them.  So she may say she doesn't like beets, but she will say she likes "beet cookies!"

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