Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Floor drawing and collage

I get to spend most of my Wednesdays one on one with my two year old and finding things to do and making art with her is both interesting and very different than when my four year old is also involved.  Today she did some drawing and glue collage, a mixed media piece, if you will.  First I rolled out some easel paper and taped it to the floor.  This lets her draw on a larger surface than she'd have on our table or the easel, and lets her move around her work more freely. 

I put out Do A Dot markers, and regular washable markers.  She drew for a while with those and then I put out a glue pen and collage materials. 
Do A Dot markers, and Lloyd
She loved gluing the collage stuff I put out, and here's where I'm going to suggest that doing art with kids is easier if you collect junk.  Or hold onto junk, anyway.  Tim has come to me many times perplexed at finding a small bowl in the kitchen filled with lids, empty garlic and onion bags, rubber bands, those plastic tabs that close bags, etc....   You know the whole, "one man's trash is another man's treasure?"  Well my two year old has yet to meet trash!  It's all treasure.  So I put out a random collection of bits of string, foam letters, and feathers for her to glue and it kept her occupied and interested off and on for most of the morning.

Finally a few pictures of what it looked like once she declared it done.

Soundtrack: Blue's Clues Boogie.

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