Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Phew, glad our first day back is (almost) over.  We had a good day!  This afternoon we went to a local playspace; similar to a small children's museum.  The girls love it, especially Josephine.  Now I admit to some parental ambivalence about places like this.  My kids love to play pretend, and when they get to do that in a new space they are often really creative about it.  Also I get to take pictures of them looking like Baby Jane Hudson or that eccentric cat lady that lived in your old apartment and pulled around the shopping cart full of magazines.  She wore a wig, didn't she?  Anyway you know the one.  Oh, and at this particular place a kid can make a mudpie, ice cream sundae, or decorate a cupcake in the "bakery" before leaving.  Obviously the easy way to a toddler's heart!

On the other hand there are lots of other kids packed into a fairly tight space (it smells like...kid), I have to carefully police my two year old since she lacks diplomacy and tact and will in fact bite in a pinch, and same goes for the four year old, without the biting part.  So!  

We did have a great time.

The source of some of my ambivalence....
Soundtrack on the journey there and back: Woody Guthrie, Songs to Grow on for Mother and Child.

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