Thursday, January 5, 2012

Book Writing

This afternoon, both of us suffering from waning energy and patience, Jo and I tried out a cool new website.  The site is called Bookr and on it you can create a book by pulling photos from Flickr (either yours or random pics).  Have your child think of an idea for a book, starting perhaps with a subject (like castles, or the ocean) or just something they like.  Type that into the search feature and it will pull up related pictures.  Then drag the pics into the book and write captions for the page. It's pretty cool!

The books only have 4 pages, so each one is short and some words we searched brought up more satisfying images to Jo than others (princess didn't pull up anything as nice as ocean, for instance).  But she kept wanting to make more and more, so it was a hit.  It was also good for working on letter recognition and reading and spelling (I made Jo type her own name and the title of each book with my help, but she dictated the content of the captions for the pictures while I typed).

I read about this website on a great blog I read, The Artful Parent.

Please enjoy "The Beautiful Roaring Ocean."

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