Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Painting with a Toddler

This morning Tess and I had plans to go to a library program after seeing Jo off to school, but she asked instead to stay home and paint.  We have been keeping our easel on top of our junk mountain out, on our sun porch.  But because it's cold outside right now (for the wimpy adults) we haven't been using it as frequently as during nice weather.  Today I moved it into our front room.  The paint we used for the easel painting is a washable tempera and if it spills on the floor it easily wipes up.  And because I am too lazy to spread newspapers all around the floor under the easel and we don't currently have a splat mat (which heck, is just something else to clean, right?) that's what I do if there is a spill.

I asked Tess what colors she wanted to paint with and she requested red, blue, and yellow.  Easy enough!  And you know what's coming next, right?  Making new colors!  One of our books serendipitously tied perfectly into her choice of colors: Mouse Paint.  It's a cute book about three mice who cover themselves in paint, make orange, green, and purple by mixing primary colors, and keep themselves concealed from a grey cat that looks exactly like our cat Lloyd.  Tess loved it!  Later she kept saying how she "painted like a mouse," and how painting like a mouse, "really works."  Take note!

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