Monday, January 2, 2012

Bubble Wrap Printing

Boy am I anticipating a rude shock tomorrow as we all return to our normal routines following our week long week off.  Since Tim is home today and we can do things with the girls together (making anything a tiny little bit less chaotic and messy), I wanted to let them do some bubble wrap printing.  I've done this with them before, but it's been a while.  Projects like these, in my house, sometimes take longer to set up than they actually occupy the girls.  Today was that way, although my two year old, Tess, has started to spend more time making art, while her four year old sister, Josephine, is the one who often drifts off after a few minutes.  She was interested in popping the bubble wrap though!  It's a pretty satisfying activity, I admit. 

We have a nice little art making space on our sun porch, but it doesn't get much use in January.  The girls could probably handle it, but I can't!  Too cold.  So right now we often use a little red plastic IKEA table in our living room, or our dining room table.  The red table is a little small for both of them, but it works.  For this project (and most projects using paint since it wipes up easily) we used washable tempera paint.  I buy this paint at A.C Moore but it's widely available in craft/art supply stores, or online at places like Discount School Supply.  The girls love glitter in their paint so we recently purchased some glittery purple paint which I put out, along with some orange, and green.  Tess made a bunch of prints and I think they're pretty cute!

Soundtrack provided by Classic Appalachian Blues from Smithsonian Folkways (uh, and the artfully discordant sounds of toddler fussing courtesy of Jo and Tess).   

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