Sunday, January 15, 2012

Nocturnes and Winter

We had a fun day today and spent some time outside, although it was very cold.  The girls were both wearing tights but didn't seem to mind or even feel the cold.  Why is it that it takes so long for children to get cold outside in winter?  Maybe the question really is why do I get cold so fast, but that's probably due to my creaky old bones and poor circulation.  Thanks to Grandpa Bob for playing outside with the girls for so long.
The winter, and looking at the Warhol show on shadows, and being reminded of the painting "Delaware Gap," have me thinking of winter landscapes and of paintings that portray winter or cold and foggy and melancholy weather.

I think I might talk to the girls about landscapes and what they are and all the possibilities there are for representing a landscape.  I have in mind showing them some of Whistler's noctures which I really like and which I think the girls will like too.  I like how soft and foggy and damp the landscapes look.  I want the girls to tell me what they think it would feel like to step into the paintings.  A bit like it does here right now I bet.

The Victorians were scandalized by these paintings, mostly because they were night scenes (I think nice people stayed inside at night) and they looked unfinished to them.  I think they are pretty and evocative and I like how they look almost abstract.  

I'm also thinking about giving the girls some black paper and either chalk or oil pastels to make their own landscape.  Or to make whatever they want that might be inspired by these paintings.  I love looking at these pictures, and I especially like them at this time of year.

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