Friday, February 10, 2012

Wonder Pets!

It has been hard to get back into the swing of things since returning from Disney.  I'm thinking it'll start getting easier this weekend, or once I get all the laundry done, or after I get used to not eating a cupcake at the end of every day.  Fortunately this week's New Yorker showed up just in time. Inside the February 13 and 20 issue is an article entitled, "It's Good Enough for Me," by Emily Nussbaum about the "renaissance" in children's television we are living through right now.  And yes, we lived it this week!  One of the shows the author likes is "Wonder Pets," and it's one I hadn't seen, but it's one we have on demand so I thought I'd take this low energy week to try it out on the girls.  They, predictably, loved it.

Nussbaum thinks Wonder Pets is, "peaceful, yet also witty and emotional, with themes recognizable from modern notions of child development."  She also says this about it, "The visual artist Jennifer Oxley invented a technique called “photo-puppetry,” in which real photographs are manipulated, broken down, and rigged for animation, invoking a layered universe of textures."  So, yes, I agree.  It's cute, and layered.  The writer also recommends Ni-Hao, Kai-Lan, Phineas and Ferb, and Miffy and Friends.  The girls have not seen those yet, but maybe over time.  It was just one of those weeks!

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