Saturday, February 25, 2012

Easy Outdoor Painting

Winter around these parts has been amazing this year.  In my old age I am not really a fan of snow and ice. I have a total Debbie Downer attitude about it.  A day off school!  Uh, no, not excited about that one.  Work cancelled!?  Nope, not here, not usually anyway.  And I get cold easily. And I hate sliding on ice in the car or on foot and getting wet when it's cold.  I'm a big mess o' fuss when it comes to winter weather.  I'd much rather be swatting blood engorged mosquitoes down my sweat drenched leg during summer.  But this winter has been marvelous!  Warm, no snow, very little discomfort in general.  Perfect weather for a winter wuss.

Friday was a beautiful warm winter day and I was not feeling well.  So I decided to send Josephine and Tess outside with three pots of tempera paint (highly washable) to paint their plastic playhouse.  They (Jo) picked glittery pink, glittery purple, and white.  Those are my girls!  Never enough glitter. I don't like winter, but I do like glitter.  What will be embarrassing once my children are grown is acceptable now. Will I become an old person who glitter puffy paint embellishes her sweatshirts?  Time will tell.  Anyway, I have sent the girls outside to paint toys before, and they love it.  It keeps them entertained for a long time and they get really into it, and the next time it rains, or with a good spray of the hose the paint will all be gone, until next time.


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