Sunday, February 12, 2012

Primary Colors

Disney World is still on my mind.  Within the enormity of the parks, I found a familiar quote of Walt Disney scrawled on a small wall: “I only hope that we don't lose sight of one thing - that it was all started by a mouse."  When I read it now, it really turns my thought to Walt Disney the artist.

I found an interesting list of the “Top 30 American Visual Artisans of the 20th Century.” So, when both girls fell asleep in the van this afternoon, I realized that an impromptu trip to the National Gallery of Art would bring us full circle, back to their exploration of Pop Art.  They definitely took well to the surprise of waking up from their naps downtown.

The sole purpose of my visit was to introduce them to Roy Lichtenstein’s “Look Mickey.”

They appreciated it, but “the eyes aren’t right” for Josephine.  I have to admit, the eyes on this piece have always bothered me, too.

There was a Jasper Johns room right next to the Lichtenstein, and the girls really enjoyed spending time in there.


Of course, taking unpredictable preschoolers to the gallery can be quite nerve wracking, but once you get past the stress of your child taking just-one-more-step-closer for a better look, it is quite fun and interesting.  They picked up on a theme of primary colors in the Jasper Johns works well before I did.

Primary colors have been fresh on their mind since watching a fun OK Go video on a recent episode of Sesame Street.

And so colors were definitely the theme for the night.  On the drive home, Josephine wanted to play a "Car Color" game that a friend had taught her today.  "You pick a color, and then you try to find a car that color."  But it was dark, and I tried to explain to her that it is hard to see color when it is so dark.  "Your eyes can see only black and white in low light."  But she remained unfettered.  "That's perfect!  The color I'm choosing is white!"

I thought our afternoon/evening of art was done.  But then, without any prompting or notice, Josephine took it upon herself to draw Mickey Mouse before bed tonight, along with a Minnie Mouse.

Notice the size of the eyes in comparison to Lichtenstein’s Mickey.

Besides OK Go, tonight's soundtrack included John Cage: Piano Music - Part I performed by Giancarlo Simonacci.

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