Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Window Markers vs. Window Crayons

On the quest to cover more surfaces in our house with art and/or art supplies I have discovered a great new tool.  About a year ago I bought us a pack of window markers. We have a glass door that separates our front room from our front porch, and I thought it would be a great surface on which to make art.  Well at the time it was a failed experiment.  Josephine wasn't particularly interested, and while Tess was, I found her one day with one of the markers in her mouth, the top completely bitten off (and consumed).  So I put them up and we hadn't written on the window (with approval) since.  

This past week I decided to try again.  We bought some Crayola window crayons and took out our old window markers (sans the blue one, lost to Tess's weird appetites).  I won't hold you in suspense any longer! The crayons won out, by a long shot.  Perhaps one reason the markers never caught on with Jo is that depending on how you hold them they don't show up on the glass that well.  Not so for the crayons. The color looks thick and vivid and impressive without much effort.  They come in fewer colors than the markers, but they are worth it.  

The girls drew with these crayons for a long time.  I don't have a great comparison shot of the markers, because they dispensed with them as soon as they saw how pretty and vibrant the crayons looked.  Another interesting surprise was how pretty (I think) the snowflakes looked after the girls colored all over them.  This gave us an idea to maybe plan to glue up some tissue paper and then color over it with these crayons for a pretty stained glass look.  Maybe a rainbow for St. Patrick's day or spring.  I really love these crayons, and especially for a small child I would easily choose them over the window markers.  These crayons are a nice way, especially in a smaller house, to make an art surface out of an overlooked part of the house.  Just don't turn your back for too long or your two year old may try to see what they look like when used on your couch! I'm happy to say that at least if you get to it quickly enough some soap and water seem to get them out of fabric.  


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