Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Color Mixing with Popsicle Sticks

Josephine's birthday party was this past weekend and as a part of the favors we gave the kids small wooden birdhouses. I'm not sure they could really be used that way, but they were cute and we also included some supplies the kids could use to decorate them. This week we've been experimenting with painting wood with liquid water colors so Jo painted her birdhouse with them. The liquid watercolors look really beautiful painted on wood, like the wood was stained a really pretty color. The liquid watercolors are a great paint to use on wood, because the wood absorbs the color really nicely.

We did another fun experiment with Tess using wooden popsicle sticks and the liquid watercolors. I bought the girls some colored popsicle sticks a while back but wasn't sure what to do with them. I decided to use them to illustrate to her more about mixing colors. We took a yellow popsicle stick and painted it with red watercolor paint to watch it turn orange, then took a red popsicle stick and painted it with blue (actually 'teal' but it worked) to make purple, and then took another yellow popsicle stick and painted it with the blue to make green. They worked great and Tess really enjoyed it. She then dumped most of a container of gold glitter glue on them to make a sculpture. There is almost no end to the cool stuff you can do with the liquid watercolors! We are going to try to think of more fun things to do with these colored popsicle sticks...maybe even keep painting them and make one large sculpture.

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