Thursday, April 12, 2012

Aluminum Foil Challenge

It's great to be back from spring break.  We had a really nice time and I want to write about a fun place we stayed up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and I will, but tonight I'm going to write about the "Aluminum Foil Challenge." I "invented" this to get the girls to go outside into the backyard to play. They both like the backyard, and actually Tess loves the backyard, but they are sometimes reluctant to go out at first. So to entice them I gave them a roll of aluminum foil (not including the box with that spiky thing that tears the foil) and told them it was a challenge and to make something and get back to me so I could photograph it. This occupied them for a long time and they were both pretty thrilled with it. It's always the most open ended stuff that engages them, isn't it?

I think there are several items around the house this would work with (and that I plan to try soon): band-aids, a box of Kleenex, a box of wipes, a roll of paper towels, maybe a box of salt. Sometimes it's also a relief (for me) to give them access to something I usually try to keep them from wasting and just let them do whatever they want with it! It's kind of the same feeling I get when I'm having a bad day and I mentally decide to say yes as much as possible with them. So, yes, Jo, take that roll of foil and wrap it around the deck pretending it's Rapunzel's hair, and yes Tess, please rock your aluminum foil baby to sleep.

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